I am a consultant – How does A Problem Worth Solving work?

A Problem Worth Solving generates sales leads for Consultants in a cost-effective way? Register now for free with A Problem Worth Solving and we will provide you with active sales leads for clients seeking your skills and services.

Promoting your Consultancy can be an expensive and time-consuming exercise.  A Problem Worth Solving is actively promoting at trade shows, online and in various print media. Businesses that have a genuine need for Consultants know to contact A Problem Worth Solving and we identify Consultants in their area which are currently available.

So how does it work?

When a client contacts us with A Problem Worth Solving, registered consultants with the relevant skills in the client’s area will be notified. Consultants are invited to quote on the work as described by the anonymous client.  We will let you know if the client has any specific requirements, conditions or constraints.  If you choose to bid on the work, the fee you choose to pay A Problem Worth Solving is determined by you and by how motivated you are to secure the work.  You only pay the pre-agreed sales lead fee if the client engages your services.

A Problem Worth Solving will provide the client with an anonymous bio and any terms and conditions of the short listed consultants. The client then chooses the Consultant which best meets their needs and budget.  Once the Consultant selected by the Client has paid the pre-agreed sales lead fee to A Problem Worth Solving, we will introduce you to the client and the business relationship will exist between you and the client.

Register or contact us today and start enjoying a low-cost solution for sales lead generation.