I am looking for a Consultant – How does A Problem Worth Solving work?

A Problem Worth Solving services is free for businesses seeking Consultants.  A Problem Worth Solving will connect you with available and competitively priced Consultants in your area.

A Problem Worth Solving maintains a hub for registered Consultants. Businesses that have a genuine need for expert consultants submit A Problem Worth Solving and we connect you with available and cost-effective experts in your area.

So how does it work?

Once your business is registered, you can submit A Problem Worth Solving.  You can include a description of the task, project or problem including any conditions, requirement or constraints. A Problem Worth Solving will identify appropriately qualified consultants in the geographical area around you. We will provide you with quotes from a short list of Consultants who are available to work with you. Once you choose the Consultant with the relevant skills at a rate with conditions which meets your needs, we will put you in touch with the Consultant and you engage them directly.  This service is free to clients seeking Consultants.

Register or contact us today and let us deliver a free solution to A Problem Worth Solving.

Consultancy services

“A Problem Worth Solving” is constantly expanding the categories of Consultancy Services available to customers in Australia. Our current consultancy group includes the following:

If you are looking for a specialist skill not listed above or are a consultant with a skill not listed, please contact us.



Food Safety



Product Development

Thermal Process Development

Process Improvement

Project Management

Energy Efficiency

Human resources


Team Building

Leadership Development


Database Design

Quality System Management

CAPA Systems

App Interface

Website Design



Change Management

Immigration & Visa Support