Connecting You with Experts


A Problem Worth Solving is an Australian & New Zealand consultancy hub that connects businesses and experts:

I am looking for a Consultant

Tell us about your “Problem Worth Solving” and we will identify local consultants, who are currently available and offering market competitive prices. Our service is free for businesses seeking consultants!

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I am a Consultant looking for Clients

“A Problem Worth Solving” can deliver confirmed sales leads for your consultancy business. Once you register  with “A Problem Worth Solving” we will contact you if a business in your region is seeking a consultant with your skills.

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Connect with a Testing, Inspection or Certification Body

A Problem Worth Solving represents a leading testing, inspection and certification service provider.  The introduction service is free for registered members.

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Provide Business Development Services to my Consultancy

“A Problem Worth Solving” can promote your consultancy services on our website, at trade shows, at breakfast events and with our registered clients. Contact us today to find out how “A Problem Worth Solving” can support your business development needs.

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